The kids really have loved working with [her], and just as important, they all have shown progress from it, too!”
— Joseph R. Malmquist

Traditional Private Lessons

One on one, private lessons will take place once a week for 30, 45, or 60 minutes depending on level in my home studio. Posture, technique, and musical selections will be emphasized and tailored to the need of each individual student using a variety of repertoire, etudes, exercises, and scales. Parents are welcome and encouraged to observe. See my teaching philosophy for more information.

Suzuki Private Lessons

Suzuki Lessons are encouraged for students who choose to begin the violin or viola between the ages 4 and 8. Suzuki lessons require that a parent be present for all lessons and practice with their child at home. Ear training, and technique through Suzuki repertoire and review pieces are emphasized. For more information on the Suzuki method visit: Suzukiassociation.org



Coming soon...Group lessons

Group Lessons are an important supplement to private lessons. Meeting and playing music with other students is a fun way to learn as well as great for motivating students to experiment, practice, and advance quickly. Concepts such as music theory and improvisation, sight-reading, and solo performing are presented. Group ensembles will perform at the annual recital with more performance opportunities available.

Short-term and Skype Lessons

I offer short-term and/or Skype lessons for those hoping to improve their technique and musicianship over holiday or summer breaks - or - for those with a performance or audition coming up and hoping to get additional feedback. Recommended for those students who already study regularly with another teacher or at school.



Lessons for Adults

Learning to play an instrument as an adult has proven cognitive and social benefits. Goals for each adult student vary and may include but are not limited to, participating in a community orchestra, rehearsing with a chamber ensemble, private-practice benefits, performing at low-key events such as open-mic nights, practicing with family members. Pacing and repertoire are tailored to the specific goals of each student.


In order to develop any skill, particularly that of a musical instrument, time and regular practice is required. Parents are expected provide support for their child during this process by regularly attending each scheduled lesson, maintaining consistent practice habits for their child and by creating a positive and encouraging learning environment at home. This includes, practicing with their child (upon teacher recommendation), attending and encouraging performances, and not engaging in negative speech about their own or any students’ ability or progress.