Community School for the Performing Arts

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Community School for the Performing Arts (CSPA) is a partnership between Kansas State University School of Music, Theatre, and Dance (MTD) and Manhattan Arts Center. The mission of this joint venture is to provide the highest level of performing arts education to the region, which complements, supplements, and supports the arts education efforts of school and community organizations. For more information and registration information please visit: https://www.manhattanarts.org/321/Community-School-for-the-Performing-Arts


Program offerings


Cspa’s Suzuki program

CSPA’s Suzuki Strings Program incorporates private lessons with group classes. Private lessons allow each child to receive individualized attention and faster pace of skill development and group lessons create a fun and social learning environment while learning to work with others. Parents in this program form a strong bond with their child by attending each lesson and being the “at-home teacher.” Suzuki is appropriate for students ages 3 and up.

CSPA Suzuki Strings’ mission is to provide each student with the tools needed to become a lifelong learner and positive participant within his/her community by realizing a commitment to the pursuit of excellence in musical performance and study.



PARENTAL INVOLVEMENT: We know that parents are the key to a child’s success in life and in music. Suzuki parents are involved in their child’s music education from attending weekly lessons to helping their child practice at home as the “at-home teacher.” Parents are taught how to best help their child succeed in lessons; most Suzuki parents will tell you that a lifelong bond is created between Suzuki parents and their child as a result of years of musical teamwork.

POSITIVITY: Learning an instrument is hard work! It takes patience, problem solving, and time. Children excited to learn an instrument can quickly become frustrated at the measured rate of progress especially in our world of instant gratification. Group Lessons and Suzuki-trained teachers keep learning about exploration, community, and enjoyment. Teachers work to help children and parents learn to enjoy the process of progress.

COMMUNITY: Suzuki families become part of a community; from group lessons to nationwide summer camps and workshops, families create lasting friendships with each other through learning music. CSPA families will get to know each other through potluck play-a-thons, themed concerts, workshops, and group lessons.

LISTENING: Suzuki students learn to listen at a high-level. When musicians have a clear aural picture of a piece, they think more about how their technique affects their sound; learning becomes about playing the instrument well instead of simply learning songs and students are better able to express themselves through music. This important skill enhances all other aspects of a child’s life.



Lessons for Adults

Learning to play an instrument as an adult has proven cognitive and social benefits. Goals for each adult student vary and may include but are not limited to, participating in a community orchestra, rehearsing with a chamber ensemble, private-practice benefits, performing at low-key events such as open-mic nights, practicing with family members. 

Pacing and repertoire are tailored to the specific goals of each student.

chamber music intensive

Offered during the Spring Semester, CSPA’s Chamber Music Intensive allows pre-college students to study chamber music at a high level. Coaching sessions are one hour with highly qualified instructors and groups are required to rehearse on their own for an additional one hour per week. Rehearsal strategies, leadership skills, and score study are emphasized in this program. This is a great opportunity for groups preparing for Solo and Ensemble Contest, or students who wish to advance their playing at a faster pace.

Traditional Private Lessons

One on one, private lessons will take place once a week for 30, 45, or 60 minutes depending on level in my home studio. Posture, technique, and musical selections will be emphasized and tailored to the need of each individual student using a variety of repertoire, etudes, exercises, and scales.

Parents are welcome and encouraged to observe. See my teaching philosophy for more information.

group violin at the mac

Violin group classes at the MAC are best for families who want to experience learning the violin in a fun environment but are unsure of their commitment level. Based on the Suzuki Philosophy, these classes focus on technique, ear training, and making music with others. Classes meet once per week for 30 minutes; parent attendance and at home practice highly encouraged. Many of our group class beginners go on to join our Suzuki Program!


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